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Microphone comparison / Field test

film industry pro

Schoeps CMiT5u vs MKH 416 vs Sanken CS3e vs MKH 8060 vs Schoeps CMC641 vs Rode NTG2 vs Sanken CS1 vs DPA 4017b vs MKH 50

So... I did a series of videos comparing the microphones listed above, out in the field in different locations. In the process I recorded all microphones to separate ISO tracks so that you can download them here, choose certain sections, loop them and listen away to your heart's content, and have a real comparison.

As a result, Resolution Magazine thought this was a pretty unique test and asked us to write an article all about it, so if you want to know what we thought about the whole thing, then you can check it out here


Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.23.25

My reason for this, is because I am looking to buy a couple of new mics for myself and I though that this would be the best way to really compare them. Most Youtube videos only show you the microphones separately (one after the other) where as I wanted all of the mics to record the exact same thing at the same time to make it as fair as possible.

I also thought I'd film it so I can share it with you too. were gracious enough to lend me the mics and have even offered both me and you a 5% discount on any kit you buy from them if you use the promo code FILM-5 on their website.

If you haven't already seen the videos then you can check them out on Youtube here: Mic Field test and Download the ISO tracks below. I hope this helps you decide your next choice of microphone.

Folders containing ISO tracks for each location:
For the videos where I change the position of the microphones, there are extra folders containing tracks for that part of the video. you will see when you click the links below, so download these too.
1: Field
2: Basement
3: Toilet
4: Bar area
5: Office
6: Busy City Centre

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  1. Joseph Santoyo on 30/04/2017 at 8:07 AM

    Thanks Pete!!! This is a fantastic resource!

    If you’re open to suggestions, I would love to hear a comparison with some of the budget options: Oktava MK-012 (unmodded and modded), Rode NT5, Rode NTG(2/3), Aperture Deity, AT 4053b, Senn. ME66, etc. I currently use 416’s and modded Oktavas, but I’ve used almost every one of the others at some point or another. Always been curious to hear them all side-by-side… I also see the “best budget mic” topic come up a lot in film groups.


  2. Roly on 29/05/2017 at 3:21 PM

    Thanks for this! There is a dearth of such practical tests out there for those of us without access to a local rental facility

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