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Word of mouth


Word of mouth is practically where 99% of your work will come from.


Every call I’ve had regarding work, is because someone I know or have previously worked with, has passed my number on and recommended me. It’s great to know that i’ve made a good enough impression that someone can vouch for me and the quality of my work.


A lot of the time, it’s a recommendation from a person I haven’t spoken to in years, and lately this has gotten me thinking…

I NEED TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN RELATIONSHIPS. God knows how many more job offers I’d have had if I kept in touch with those people, not to mention that I should just keep in touch with great people. So lately I’ve been making more of a concsious effort to comment, like, share posts and message Facebook friends in the industry I lost contact with, and It’s already paying off – invites for beers, banter, and offers of the odd job in just a few short weeks.


Sure, in the beginning it was tough just to get on my first couple of shoots but it got easier, the more people I met. I still get job offers from those I met at the beginning.

When you meet people on a production, get them added to your friends list on Facebook, add them on twitter or linkedin and keep the banter going. these are people who regularly get work and will always think of you first as a recommendation, so long as you keep in touch.

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