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2: Producing the Super Bowl to being rescued by the military with Mike Oliver

film industry pro
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Todays film industry pro is Mike Oliver, an LA producer who has some incredible stories about his time in the TV industry.

He’s produced on pretty much every major sporting event in the U.S. such as, Nascar 500, The Kentucky Derby and the Superbowl for the likes of FOX Sports and HBO – It doesn’t get bigger than that.

He takes us through his journey from his simple life of working in college TV to stepping over bodies in the Philippines…. yes, very grim, but a highly captivating story.

Subjects covered in this episode:
– Mike’s stories of working on major shows.
– software he couldn’t live without.
– Rates for producers.
– Equipment he would buy if money was no object.
– The types of cameras used in US sport.
– How to network like nobody else.
– How to find work.
– recommended websites

You can connect with Mike via:
Twitter – @mikeoliverTV

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Adobe Premiere
B&H Photo – US equipment superstore
Red Dragon camera
Arri Alexa camera

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