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Welcome To The Resources Page

Here you will find every resource I have mentioned in the book "BECOMING A FILM INDUSTRY FREELANCER". It is an in depth collection of resources, all in one place so you don't have to spend a life time networking, to find out about.

I truly hope they help you dive right into your career and become a success.

Please let me know if you know of any resources that aren't on this page, that you'd like to see added, and I will make sure it gets a spot. Thanks



Haven't downloaded the book yet?

Here is a completely free book on everything you need to know about setting yourself up as a TV & Film industry freelancer, and it explains how to maximise the use of all of the resources on this page


Setting Up Your Website

If you have any difficulties with any points that I demonstrate below, then please get in touch with me, and I will do my best to help.


I highly recommend GoDaddy, Blue Host and HostGator for your hosting and domain - I actually have websites hosted with two of these companies and I honestly don'y think you can get better value.

GoDaddy - Blue Host - HostGator 

- ignore the fact that they advertise in US dollars, as they do convert to UK currency


Below are 3 short video tutorials showing you just how easy it is to go from having nothing at all to a complete website, live on the net in less than 30 minutes


  • STEP 1: choosing a hosting company (2 minute video)
  • STEP 2: A complete walkthrough - Registering with a hosting company and choosing your domain (2 minute video)
  • STEP 3: A complete walkthrough - building a complete website in less than 20 minutes

Insurance Companies

Here are a list of media insurance companies. Simply click on the links to be taken directly to their websites. Remember to get several quotes and see if they can beat each other on price.


Performance insurance

Media Insurance

AON Insurance

Hencilla Canworth

ACJ Insurance

Cornish Insurance - Don't let the homepage fool you, they do insure media professionals

Registering Your Business

Here are the links, mentioned in the book "Becoming A Film Industry Freelancer" for registering with HMRC

Employment Status Indicator

Company Name Checker (Companies House)

Registering a Limited Company Online (Companies house)

Registering As a Sole Trader (HMRC)

Invoicing Apps

Here are some fantastic invoicing/accounting apps. I have mine on my iPhone and it makes my life so much easier - I never miss an invoice - I honestly couldn't live without it. (These links will take you to their website but they do have phone apps, but best to register online first and get your login info for the app)





Job Websites

Below is a list of websites that post the latest jobs in the filming industry.

The Unit List

Production Base

Film & TV Pro


TV Watercooler

The Callsheet

Grapevine Jobs

The Talent Manager




Unions / How much do I charge?

Please only use the 'rates' information within these two resources as a guide. I have spoken with a representative and they agree that it is difficult to pinpoint an exact rate and that the rates they suggest should only be used as a guide.

REMEMBER: The absolute, best way to get an idea of what to charge is by asking another professional in your role. They will be happy to share that information as it's important no one undercharges, and that everyone keeps the industry rates where they should be.

The links below will take you directly to their rates page. I hope it helps



Grips Branch (APA) 


Networking & Making a presence

Below is a list of websites including film councils and crew directories. Be sure to add your profile to as many of these websites as possible. Companies do use them when looking for crew, and this is how I was offered a job on 'Captain America'

Creative England

Film & TV Pro

TV Crew Finder

Liverpool Film Office

Northern Ireland Screen

Bristol Film Office

Uk Filming Directory

Women in Film & Television




Below is a list of guilds for some departments within the filming industry.

If yours isn't here, why not have a goggle or ask some people within your network if they know of any guilds/member only associations for your skill/department.


AMPS - Sound

PMA - Production Managers

BFDG - Designers

BSC - Cinematographers

GBCT - Camera

BGFTE - Editors

GSAC - Stunt co-ordinators

NASMAH - Hair and makeup

The Production Guild

Awesome Facebook Pages

REMEMBER: Networking is THE most important part of being a success and getting work.

Here are just some of the many Facebook groups that I recommend you join. Especially our very own Film Industry Pro community, where you can network and surround yourself with like minded people in the industry.


Film Industry Pro

World Film Crew Production Jobs

The unit List

Film Industry Network

People Looking for TV Work

TV / Film Events and Information

Freelance Film Production

I Need Crew Northern England

Uk Film Network

Film / TV Industry Networking Group

Film And TV Network Group

Crew Me Now

People Who Are Available For Work In TV

People Looking For TV Work: RUNNERS

Crew Rooms

Film & TV Equipment for Sale 

Second Hand Used Film & TV Equipment


Gaining Real Experience is a great place to gain experience when you don't have any. I spent my first year working on dozens of productions, all from

There are jobs for all positions and they range from paid to low/no pay, but I honestly couldn't recommend this resource enough to those who just need the experience to actually start being taken serious as a pro and get paid work.


It seems that has been taken over by, so don't be confused if you see their logo when you apply for a job.

Kit Hire Companies

Here are a few of the major national hire companies, But I suggest you google for "Film and TV equipment hire company" for companies that are local to you.


Pro Vision


Visual Impact northern

Take 2 Films

Richmond Film Services - Sound Specialist

Visual impact - A group of hire companies

Other Awesome Resources

UK Production News - A fantastic newsletter that publishes the latest up and coming productions in Film and TV that are currently in Pre-production along with contact details of the people who do the hiring, so you can contact them directly and get yourself onto the production.


British film and television production and post production directory - Full of great resources


KitPlus - subscribe to their free magazine full of great industry updates


Source Media - Another website full of resources


4rfv - Film industry news


Film London - Film industry news including current productions


The Knowledge - Gives you the current status of productions. A good place to get a heads up on possible future work


British Film Council - A huge directory of productions and their current status, pre-production, in production and post production. A great way to get a heads up and find a way in.

We are UK Film - a collection of UK film councils and resources